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July 7, 2011 8 Steps in Reaching Your Goals

As Told by the incoming President of the National Auctioneers Association, Christie King

As a fourth generation auctioneer, I have been blessed to be born into a family of successful goal setters.  So I can truthfully say I have learned from the best.

I have never let being a woman in a man’s industry slow me down.  Those that know me know this is true.  I started working with my family while in my twenties.  Since then, I have experienced a lot of success due to the effort I have put into goal setting.  I became the first female and youngest individual to serve on the governor-appointed Alabama State Board of Auctioneers, I was the first female inducted into the Alabama Auctioneers Hall of Fame, and next, I will take my place as the first woman President of the National Auctioneers Association.  It has been a long but exciting adventure.

How does this apply?  Well, it all comes down to how we set our goals.  It applies individually, corporately, or if we are part of one of the many non-profit organizations serving the needs of others.

The simple steps are:

  1. Write your goals down – This sparks personal motivation and serves as a simple contract with yourself that this is something important and I wish to achieve it.”
  2. Set realistic goals – make your objectives obtainable.  Remember the old adage…a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
  3. Keep yor goals well defined – the more specific you are, the more realistic you will be.  Example: Instaead of “we plan to raise $100,000,”  say, “we plan to raise $100,000 by october 31st, via a fund-raising auction.  These are ths steps we need to take…”
  4. Stay committed – Solicit others to hold you accountable and partner with someone who can help you stay focused and encouraged.
  5. Ask questions – Why do I want to reach this goal?
  6. Learn how to say “NO” at the right time – not being able to say no will keep you from being successful.

     7. Stay focused on the goal and stay positive – pay attention to what is working not what isn’t.

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