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February 6, 2012 Super Bowl Advertising

It seems like we have seen it all, then they come out with something even more outlandish to capture the attention of the millions of people viewing the muscle bound, hard hitting, professional football players of the Super Bowl.  As we cheer on our favorite teams, we are entertained by the wit of the multi-million dollar ad campaigns of our favorite snacks, drinks, automobiles, electronics, financial advisors, and even domain providers.  Advertising in the right place at the right time is extremely important in getting your message out to the right audience.

Many organizations are planning their spring fundraising events right now.  They are thinking, how best can I advertise my event.  Do I need to do radio, print, internet, or costly bill board ads?  This is a great question and one we have to address with all of our clients.  If the purpose of your event is not to invite the general public, then you need to stay away from money guzzling advertising expenses.

The best way to garner the attention of the people with the means to support your mission is through personal invitation.  Decide who you want to be at your event and pick up the phone, write a personal invitation, or send them a personalized email asking them to add your date to their calendar.  Look through your organization’s data base and hand pick those who are already passionate about your mission.  Then have them invite their associates.  When we are  excited about something, we want others to be excited too.  Who better to spread the word than those already involved.  Assign someone on your event planning committee to this task.  This is a time consuming effort, but the results are unbelievable.

For fun peek at past Super Bowl advertisements, visit this website.

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