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March 8, 2012 Night at the Oscars

Did you get a chance to watch the Oscars?  Were you inspired to be there with all the celebrities on the red carpet?  It was quite an event and obviously the place to be in Hollywood! 

How do guests feel about your fundraising event?  Do your guests feel special?  Is the red carpet rolled out and is your event the place to be? 

Many of our clients ask, “how can we turn our event into something that exciting?’”  Over the years, we have discovered the three main reasons why people don’t attend fundraising events.  The good news is, these are three reasons you can address and overcome. 

First of all, people don’t attend because they are never asked.  This may seem over simplified, however, often times; organizations assume that by blanketing the community with mass media, they’ve touched every person.  While the guest may have heard of the event, a personal invitation is the best way to fill that empty seat.  I suggest you pick up the phone and call your network of friends and “ask” them to join you at your next event. 

Secondly, we’ve learned, not only were they not asked, but they were afraid they wouldn’t know anyone at the event.  So, they don’t respond to the request to attend.  A phone call inviting them to join you at your table solves the second problem as well. 

The third and final reason people don’t attend is they are afraid they will not have fun.  The fundraising event SHOULD be fun.  Again, by reaching out to them personally, they know they will have fun because they’ll know someone there and enjoy the evening.  Contact us for extra ideas you can incorporate to ensure that your guests have fun while supporting your cause.

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