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March 25, 2014 Preventing the last-minute “OMG, the event is in how many days???”

How many times have you come to crunch time on your event, deadlines long forgotten, and you’ve got to get the program done, the descriptions written for the live auction items, or receive last minute items?  Once the event gets here, is it the last thing you want to attend?  If these situations sound familiar, could it be your timeline is causing some of the issues/stress?

I suggest you start the planning of your auction event 10 months out.  Select and hire your venue, your professional fundraising auctioneer, your caterer, and get your foundation laid.  Set your item procurement program one month in advance of your event and stick with it. To accomplish this, you must treat this deadline almost as if it’s your “event” deadline. 

With proper consulting from your professional fundraising auctioneer, and early planning, you will coast into your event with ease.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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