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May 9, 2014 What Type of Event is Best?

One of the questions I commonly get is “What type event is best when we are going to have a live auction?” There are pros and cons to both a seated dinner and an event where hors d’oeuvres only are served.

Pros of a stand-up/hors d’oeuvres auction event:


Pros of a seated dinner auction event:


While a seated dinner can be more labor intensive and more expensive to your organization and your guests, I encourage you to consider these options from a fundraising standpoint. When hosting a seated dinner and conducting the live auction and Special Appeal early in the program, the guests are more focused, thus you raise more money for your organization. Don’t worry, your guests are allowed to socialize during the silent auction and before the official program starts. I suggest conducting the live auction within the first 30 minutes of your program while the guests are eating. A seated dinner allows your guests to focus on the great live auction items that you’ve procured without the distraction of chatter.  Have your keynote speeches and band (if applicable) afterwards, when the fundraising is complete.  Checkout then opens at the conclusion of the live auction and which gives the checkout volunteers plenty of time to prepare for the guests to arrive, keeping lines short.

The bottom line is that a live auction facilitated during a seated dinner will raise more money for your organization.

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