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June 13, 2014 Size Really Does Matter (In Fundraising)

Charity silent auction items can morph into live auction items when it's warranted.

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to address an auction component that is not new but is very important.  Non-profits often ask if they need bid numbers during their event and, if so, what size they need to be.

The first answer is YES!  Register a bid number to each couple, or if requested, to individual guests.  These numbers are treated like credit cards for the evening and all fundraising transactions are added to the guests’ “account”.  This prevents the guest from being over-sensitive about spending money every time they pull cash out of their pocket.

Be sure to make those bid numbers bold and large.  Actually, I love bid numbers on 8 ½ x 11 bid paddles or card-stock.  THAT is an Auctioneer’s Dream!  Many of our clients want to write the bid number on the back of the program or print it on business card sized paper for the guests’ convenience.  This makes it very challenging for your Professional Fundraising Auctioneer to see the bid numbers during the live auction.  Ensuring the bid numbers are easily seen enables the Auctioneer to maintain the momentum that they strive to build during the live auction.  Momentum is so critical in fundraising

Make your auction event more enjoyable for your guests and provide the tools necessary for your Professional Fundraising Auctioneer by using big, bold bid numbers in large print.

Size really does matter.

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