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July 11, 2014 To Stream or Not to Stream? That is the Question

After months of preparation, the guest list is complete, the venue, food and audio/visual are set up, and you’re ready for your event, right?  Think again.  Some of the smallest things can railroad your perfectly planned event and most are totally avoidable.

You plan to show a video during the Special Appeal portion of your live auction.  The video is perfected and you’ve tested it at your office.   It works fine on your Wi-Fi and the venue indicates they have Wi-Fi, so you’re good to go using a stream from the internet, right?  Not so fast.  One thing you don’t know is the strength of that Wi-Fi and other possible technological “twists” at the venue that may be different from your office setting. How you plan to show the video during your event can mean the difference between a seamless transition to the appeal or a disaster.

I’ve experienced two incidents in the past few weeks where the nonprofit client planned to stream their appeal video. In one instance they also planned to download the PowerPoint once they arrived at the venue. The Wi-Fi strength at the venue wasn’t adequate for either of these scenarios.  Why risk it?  I recommend you download the video and all PowerPoint presentations to the computer AND also save them to a flash drive, just in case. I also recommend having a back-up computer available.  Fortunately, in one situation when the Wi-Fi didn’t work and the clients’ computer started acting up, I was able to use my laptop computer as their backup.  They got the presentations downloaded an hour after the doors opened. Although the issues were overcome, this created a lot of unnecessary stress for all involved.

By planning ahead and having alternate plans for your video and PowerPoint presentations, you can prevent unforeseen circumstances that could have disastrous consequences.  Why chance it?

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