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July 18, 2014 “I Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout Birthin’ Babies”

This baby is birthed!  We are proud to announce our new website!  Be sure to check it out at

Jean and I were talking about how redesigning our website and conducting an auction event are very much alike.  The stress, the labor in research, gathering information, etc., are all very similar to what our clients experience when creating their auctions.  Once the finished product is ready you feel as though you’ve invested as much energy and emotion as you would if you’d just given birth to a child.

We were very lucky.  We had Tin Cans and String and Caley Newberry helping us.  Without their design capabilities, photography and copy experience, I’m not sure where we’d be.  This is very similar to what a nonprofit experiences when conducting a benefit auction.  You know what you want when you see it, you know a good bit about it (you think), but you need the direction and expertise to pull it off.  And that’s exactly where a professional fundraising auctioneer can help you.

I am grateful for Derek and Caley’s help and guidance with our new website.  I have a new appreciation for what our clients are experiencing.  Let’s birth that baby together!!!

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