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August 1, 2014 But It’s Valued at $10,000!!!

Clients we partner with sometimes bring us on board at the last minute. When they send us their live auction items list which is heavy with jewelry, art and personal services, we aren’t surprised then they tell us their previous live auction didn’t go so well.  Do you see a problem with these items?

These types of items are very subjective to the bidder.  Jewelry and art preferences are very personal – either you like it or you don’t.  Now I’m not saying to NEVER include these items but you should select very few and be certain that they appeal to the masses.

As far as personal services, I’ve auctioned Botox treatments, psychiatric services, funeral services, family counseling, etc. and – you guessed it – they BOMBED!  Even if they want or think they need these services, most guests will not bid on these items in public.

The best-selling items are experiences and trips that are unique and therefore highly desirable to most guests.  If you can buy it at your local Wal-Mart, it doesn’t belong in your live auction. Use these item procurement guidelines for your next non-profit fundraising event and guests will wow you with their enthusiastic bidding!

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