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August 8, 2014 What are You Forgetting Before Your Event?

Sounds like a stupid question but the obvious is many times over looked.  One of the things most commonly forgotten by organizations on auction day are the live auction clerking sheets and someone dedicated to record the information.  These sheets are used to track the live auction items as they are sold.  The item number, description, winning bid number and selling price are recorded on these sheets.   You’ll need one sheet per item and if you can sell an item multiple times, I recommend preplanning for those sales.  I also suggest having at least 5 extra forms in case something unexpected comes up or a mistake is made that needs correction.  As an item is sold, have volunteers take the bid sheets immediately to the checkout area so they can prepare for the buyers.   Your checkout volunteers will love you for it!

You also need one volunteer dedicated to recording this information.  This person, called an Auction Clerk, needs to be able to focus solely on the job at hand.  In many cases, they are the ONLY one tracking this information.

Some organizations assign one live auction item per designated volunteers to record this information.  If this system works then by all means do what works for you.  Just make sure these multiple volunteers have clear instruction.

Be sure to work your checklist before heading out to the gala.  You’ll sleep much better the night before because of it.

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