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August 22, 2014 How to Sell More Raffle Tickets than Ever Before

The state that you reside in will dictate if you can conduct raffles or games of chance, also known as Extra Revenue Generators.  Let’s call them “games” for the sake of this blog. Be sure to check your state laws.

Games are a great way to raise additional revenue and involve everyone attending to participate in your fundraising event. Plus, they are FUN!  Consult with your Professional Fundraising Auctioneer and identify the right game(s) for your patrons in order to maximize your fundraising opportunity.

When you are recruiting volunteers for the night of the event, I suggest having two teams of two volunteers for each game.  One team member should possess sales skills and be aggressive; the ideal person for this job never meets a stranger and knows a lot of people.  The other team member has more of an administrative role, assisting and recording the transaction.  All of these volunteers should arrive at the event before the doors open to get final instructions and gather their sales tools.  Give the teams a goal of how many chances or tickets they need to sell.  Setting expectations is the key to knowing if your organization accomplished it’s goals.  It’s also recommended that you make the game sales a competition between the two teams to see who can sell the most opportunities to participate.  You’d be surprised how awarding the winning team individually with a gift card, a bottle of wine or a dinner can spur on the sales

Having the right people on the bus, with them sitting in the right seat and armed with your expectations is the key to successful extra revenue generation by your organizations’ volunteers.

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