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September 19, 2014 Don’t Let Catering Sabotage Your Special Appeal

One very critical element to your fundraising is the Special Appeal, also called Fund-a-need, Fund-the-Future or Paddle Raise, etc.  This activity provides an opportunity for your guests/donors to give in support of your cause without purchasing anything.

When planning for this portion of the evening I caution you not to overlook an important element, the coordination of food service and other activities that can disrupt and effect the giving.  From the time the message is being delivered until that last donor has given, it is very important to not have plates being picked up or food and drinks served.  This causes a disconnect from your guests and breaks the emotional connection that you have strived so hard to create.  As a result, fewer funds are raised. To prevent this, simply have your stage manager or a designated member of your team work with the catering manager to ensure food service is halted during this activity.  This small effort has a surprisingly positive effect on the resulting revenue from the Special Appeal.

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