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October 3, 2014 Thursday is the New Saturday

Many nonprofits contact us about partnering with them on their benefit auction that they want to schedule for a Saturday.  Many times the date they request is not available because there are only 52 Saturdays in a year.  And then to complicate matters in the fall, you get into football on Saturdays and don’t you dare compete with SEC football in the South!

So what is the next best day to choose for your fundraiser if not a Saturday?  A large number of nonprofit organizations are conducting their events on Thursday nights, including most of our fall clients. I have observed that guests appear to love this day of the week provided the event doesn’t stretch too late into the night.

If you do conduct your event on a Thursday evening, don’t start too late.  I would suggest no later than a 6:00PM start time and concluding no later than 9:00PM.  This allows the guests to get home and prepare for the following work day.

Expand your fundraising opportunities without competing with the event down the road and consider a Thursday event.  It’s the new Saturday for fundraising.

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