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October 10, 2014 Which Donors Give and Why?

Why do donors give?  According to research conducted from Penelope Burk in her book Donor Centered Fundraising, there are several reasons why donors give.

42% of them give because their parents influenced them as children.  When parents show their children at an early age that giving was important and a part of their lives, the children often continue the practice.  We are faced with many challenges in life.  When we are touched or have a need, we support that cause.  18% of us give for this particular reason.  Religious upbringing is also a major factor in our giving.  When raised in home with a religious influence 11% of us give as a result of that example.  9% of us give because we want to support our community and 7% of give because we have the privilege to do so and want to pass our good fortune on to others.  There are 5% of donors who feel obligated to give and 4% who are influenced to give through volunteering.

As you can see, people give for various personal reasons.  Make sure your non-profit explores all the ways to touch each of these groups and grow your donor base accordingly.

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