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October 31, 2014 Nonprofit Donors – It’s Scary Out There!

Scary for Nonprofit Donors

I participated in a Halloween costume party last night for the Humane Society Pet Rescue and Adoption Center.  Everyone went overboard with their costumes and everyone had a fun time.

I dressed as “Death” and wore a black robe with my face totally covered with a non-transparent mask.  I could see out with no problem but people could not see my face AT ALL!  I walked among the crowd, saying nothing.  As I approached people, I was amazed how people would give me an uncertain smile or maybe a nervous giggle but were clearly uncomfortable with my presence.  Others would even walk away and act as if I was not there.  Although they were very uncomfortable because they didn’t know who was behind the mask, I was not uncomfortable because I could see them and who they were.  At the beginning I was thinking, “Hey, this is ME, fun Christie, and you KNOW me!”

Nonprofit Donors Can Relate

This caused me to reflect on how this experience could relate to nonprofit donors.  Assume it’s your nonprofit behind the mask.  How often does your nonprofit approach supporters to become involved in your organization, whether asking them to attend an event, to give or to volunteer, only to receive the uncertain smile, a nervous giggle or be rejected because these nonprofit patrons cannot see behind the “mask”?  Are potential donors who have a passion for your cause not participating because they are uncomfortable when they can’t see the inner workings of your nonprofit or how their money is being used? What is your nonprofit doing to have transparency with your donors?

Happy Halloween and be safe!

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