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November 21, 2014 Silent Auction Items – Which are Best?

Many nonprofits ask me what type items sell best as silent auction items.  Let’s first start with what should NOT be included as a silent auction item but should be included in the live auction.  Those items are trips and experiences that are desirable and of a high value.

Now let’s move on to silent auction item packaging.

After acquiring all of the procured auction items from your donations team you will want to sort these items into packages.  You can name the packages with themes – i.e. a” Spa Package” could include certificates for a massage and/or pedicure.  Also included in this bundle could be lotions, shampoos, candles, etc.  Other packaging could be a “Movie Night” with tickets to the movie theater and a meal; a “Working Man’s Basket” with an assortment of tools; or a “Wine Package” that includes a bottle of wine (or two), wine glasses, cook books and cheeses. I recommend building packages with a minimum value of $50.00.

It’s optimum to include your desirable big ticket items in the live auction, then bundle the remaining items to create your silent auction item packages. This strategy will help your organization realize larger revenues from the live and silent auctions.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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