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December 5, 2014 ‘Tis The Season To Be Planning Your Spring Fundraiser


If you are planning a spring fundraiser, your planning should already be fully in motion.  We are well underway in the planning of our upcoming springtime events.  If you’ve not yet started, here are a few things you need to be considering right now.

First of all, get your Auction Professional, your venue, caterer, band, audio-visual and production companies booked now for your fundraiser!

All of these vendors book early due to the popularity of auction events at this particular time of the year.

Secondly, get your committees appointed with volunteers and share with them your expectations and goals.  This ensures they will be on task with your action plan.  These committees can include donations, silent auction, registration/cashiering, sponsorships/advertising, website/social media, etc.

The most important position you’ll be assigning will be that of auction chair. This person is the glue that holds everything/everyone together and drives the entire program. You’ll want to select a person who is organized and has the skills to motivate the auction volunteers.

Another very important position is that of the donations committee chair. This person is  certainly not the only volunteer asking for donations – that is the responsibility of ALL involved. Rather, the donations committee chair will be facilitating who is to target the various merchants/donors to prevent cross-asking. This person will also keep a record of all the donations as they come in and will coordinate with the live and silent auction committee chairs when it comes time to determine which items will go to the live and silent auctions.

Begin the planning of your spring fundraiser now. You’ll be glad you got a head-start when the holidays are over and your event date starts barreling your way with break-neck speed!

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