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December 12, 2014 Thinking Outside the Box for Your Charity Auction Items

Thinking Outside the Box for your Charity Auction Items

Sometimes it’s easy to get stagnant in our thinking when working on fundraising charity auction events.  I reflect back to a recent client meeting.  This group was offering the same live auction items year after year because the same donors were donating them.  I shared with them that having these same repeat items causes their auction to become stale – after a while everyone who wants to go on that trip or enjoy that particular experience has already been there, done that.  I’d like to offer some out-of-the-box live auction item ideas for you to consider.

The following are some of our clients’ top revenue-producing charity auction items in 2013 and 2014.

Food trucks continue to gain popularity.  One of our clients had the Waffle House donate a catering experience – the Waffle House truck arrived at the buyer’s  home and served 25 guests direclty from the vehicle.

Another client who holds their auction around St. Patrick’s Day had an Irish Pub Tub that consisted of donated bottles of liquor (by each board member) in a tub/wheelbarrow.  You can fashion this idea around any theme.

One very popular item was “The Best of (insert your city)”.  This package contains high-end certificates for a few hundred dollars each at some of the most popular fine dining establishments in your area.  You could enhance this package and include chauffeured limo services.  Target specific upscale restaurants for this package.

Finally, bidders love outdoor experiences.  Include a private night hike with a picnic dinner and s’mores by a fire in conjunction with your local nature center.

Keep your event fresh and think outside the box to prevent your live auction items from becoming stale.

“Make every minute a revenue generating minute”

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