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December 26, 2014 Nonprofit Organizations Should “Get to the Meat”

Nonprofit Organizations Should "Get to the Meat"

Recently I gave my pups Mellie and Piper some leftovers of Christmas turkey.  I put the meat at the bottom of their bowls to ensure they ate their dog food while enjoying the turkey as well.  Piper, my 5-year old rescue dog, ate all of her food before eating the turkey.  Mellie, on the other hand, took her paw and turned over her bowl to get to the meat underneath and then ate her dog food. You can’t pull anything over on Mellie!

As I reflected on this interaction with my fur-babies, I thought about nonprofit organizations that try to do so many different activities during the year but do not focus on the “meat” of their organization, their mission.  If you only hold events in your community and do not share your mission, the real reason your organization exists can get lost, thus possibly affecting the amount of giving you hope to procure. Get the word out not only about your events, but also be certain to keep your mission up front and center with your donor base.

Be sure you allow your communities to “get to the meat” of what your nonprofit organizations provide and why you exist.

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