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January 9, 2015 Social Media – Wonderful and “Free” Advertising for Your Charity Fundraising Event!

One of the biggest trends we are seeing now is the posting of events on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Some nonprofits are incorporating YouTube videos as a way to announce their events.

If your nonprofit organization in not utilizing these resources for getting the word out about your charity fundraising event you are missing the boat big time.

The first action you should take is to appoint one volunteer or staff member to take the reins and get your event posted on every social media outlet your group is a part of. Then it’s most important to keep everything up-to-date.

Use social media as a tool to find out what items your guests would like to see at your charity fundraising auction – take a Facebook or Twitter poll asking what trips or experiences most appeal to your fans/followers. Ask what items from your previous event those guests would like to see repeated. Not only will the involvement make them feel important, you’ll be guaranteeing that you have items guests are going to want to purchase.

Your ultimate goal is to build excitement.

Post your “WOW” auction items as they are confirmed. Be sure to include photos and as many details as possible. Get everybody stirred up and ready to bid high before they even walk in the door on the day of your event!

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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