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January 16, 2015 New Year, New Focus


The beginning of the New Year is always busy convention time for the Auction industry.  I just returned from speaking on benefit auctions at the Idaho Association of Professional Auctioneers.  What a great group of members.  As I returned home, I reflected on the friends I made, the networks I established and the great ideas I received in class, even while in the role of speaker.

These points are not unique to Auctioneers.

Nonprofit staff needs to be aware of and focus on what they do day to day.  Are you so busy working “IN the business” of your nonprofit that you lose focus on working “ON the business”?  We have to guard against getting so busy doing our day to day “job” that we forget the importance of working to further develop our organizations.   I encourage you to take time to focus on your mission and establish new relationships that will overall enhance your nonprofit. Attend continuing education classes to help you gather fresh ideas and think outside of the box.  The growth you and your organization experience will help you declare 2015 a good year indeed.

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