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March 6, 2015 What Season IS It?

The seasons change and so can your committee members.

We are approaching the change in seasons and not too soon for me.  We are experiencing some crazy weather right now.  For example, yesterday it was 75 degrees and sunny in my home town.  Today, it is sleeting with 20 mile an hour winds and a low temperature of 21 degrees is expected tonight.  I am SO ready for consistently warm temperatures!

All these temperature fluctuations bring to mind volunteers and committee members who work on auction committees.  Are your committees all fired up at in the early planning of the event only to get distracted and loose motivation as time moves along?  Why, you wonder, does this happen?

First of all, life happens.

Sometimes circumstance beyond one’s control affect your committee members.

Hopefully they will become re-engaged when their circumstances change. Or they might have to back out of the committee completely.  Secondly, there might be conflict among some of the committee members.  Conflict does happen and you just have to try and get to the root of the problem to see if things can be corrected among the players.

The biggest reason we see motivation affected is in the leadership of the auction.  An auction chair must possess many different characteristics to be an effective leader. They need to have organizational skills, to be motivational and visionary, to mention just a few.  One of the most important characteristics necessary is to be a good listener.  One thing I would recommend to auction chairs is to be open-minded and remember when corresponding with your group that everyone is there for the same reason you are – they all believe in the mission of the organization and want to help make a difference.

Many nonprofits experience this. The key to keeping committee volunteers motivated starts with the leadership.  These people need to know the auction chair is engaged and working hard. They need to expect that you’ll be scheduling meetings on a regular basis to offer the direction they need to accomplish the goals that have been presented to them.

Oh, and don’t forget the “Chillin’ Party”!  Once the money is in the bank after your nonprofit’s event, throw a volunteer appreciation party.  This can be as simple as pizza after work. I recommend that NO “business” be discussed at this party – this time is meant to offer attendees’ a chance to just chill and relax and be recognized for the wonderful job they did to help raise funds for a cause you all love.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute! 

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