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April 3, 2015 Are Your Volunteers “On Fire” For Your Nonprofit?

Are your Volunteers "On Fire" For Your Nonprofit?

As a nonprofit, how do you light a fire under your volunteers? You place them in areas where THEY want to help then reward and recognize them for a job well done.

So many nonprofits put volunteers into positions where they feel the volunteers are most comfortable.  This may be because their duties are similar to their day jobs and the nonprofit believes this is where they’ll be the best fit. That’s just not always the case. I recommend you talk with the volunteers and determine why they want to be a part of your organization in the first place. Then ask them where they think they’d have the most impact.

Reward them. Volunteers want to help make a difference.  Be sure to acknowledge them for their services.  Not only should you do this just after an event they worked very hard to help facilitate, but make it your goal to find other ways throughout the year to make these people feel valuable and special.

Recognize them.  Not just by rewards but with your personal acknowledgment.  Give your volunteers a pat on the back. Do it often and with sincerity.

There is a great article by Shawn Kendrick on “Leveraging Your Volunteer’s Fullest Potential”. Click here to read.

The key point to take away here is that you should utilize your volunteers based on THEIR needs and desires to get the most out of the relationship they have with your nonprofit. You want them to be passionate and “on fire” about helping you help your cause.

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