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April 24, 2015 Make Sure Your Event Sponsors Want To Come Back Next Year

Let your sponsors feel the love

C King Benefit Auctions was recently a sponsor for an event that was unrelated to auctions.  As the date approached for the event, I pulled up the organization’s website and Facebook page to view our logo and the results of our sponsorship.  As promised, there was our information and a specific “Thank you to our sponsors”.

I’m sure my actions were not unique to those who sponsor nonprofit events.   Here are a couple of suggestions you may want to implement to demonstrate your appreciation to your sponsors and allow them to see the marketing efforts you are making on their behalf.

Be sure to post the sponsors for your event on your website and social media pages.

Take a moment to highlight each and every sponsor, thanking them individually.  It cost nothing but a few minutes of your time to do this each day or weekly.  Secondly, send your sponsors a link or tag them in your thank you posts. This alerts them to your post and lets them know you are including them during the campaigning of the event.

Once you are at the event, charge your board members, staff or committee members to approach each of your sponsors and thank them personally.  This is HUGE!  While attending the event that I reference above, a staff member took time to thank me.  For me, that gesture was justification of my sponsorship and made me feel good about participating.

Don’t forget to show appreciation to your sponsors.  You’ll see a tenfold return with those sponsors for your future events.

And a note to those of you who are participating as a sponsor at these events – put forth just a small amount of extra energy to get the most bang for your sponsorship buck. Include a desirable item (chocolate!) with your logo and info in the guest’s goodie-bags. I’m not talking business cards or flyers alone here but rather something for guests to take home that ensures they remember the item and where it came from (you!) the next time they are shopping for someone who provides the services you offer.

Sponsorships can be a bigger triumph for both sides of the partnership when a little extra effort is put forth by all parties.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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