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May 8, 2015 The Importance of Momentum in the Live Auction

Momentum in the Live Auction

You may hear your professional fundraising auctioneer reference the importance of building momentum during the live auction.  What exactly does this mean?  Let’s take the analogy of an airplane.  When a pilot gets clearance for takeoff and pulls the airplane on to the runway, he gives the plane full throttle and keeps it there until he reaches take off speed and the plane lifts off the ground. The pilot continues to stay at full throttle until he reaches the proper altitude. At this point he backs off the throttle and can begin to cruise.

At the beginning of your live auction it is very important to establish the proper amount of energy (speed) that is needed for the auction.

This energy originates with the auctioneer, who may begin the live auction portion of the event with a fun game to get the guests’ attention. Or they may start building energy with the first live auction item, one that is exciting, desirable and (many times) lower-valued.  The auctioneer’s upbeat tempo and the liveliness in their voice set the tone and, along with the festive environment of the room, cause the energy to gain momentum.  This energy is contagious and is important in creating a fun and giving atmosphere, one that allows a nonprofit to cruise away with the most revenue possible from the guests.

Establishing and maintaining momentum during a live auction is critical to the success of the auction.

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