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May 15, 2015 Keep Calm and Smile.

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I recently had a root canal on a tooth that wasn’t even hurting (yet).  While I was sitting in the chair, I reflected on how this relates to nonprofits.  Well, maybe not literally while I was in the chair but I did think about it afterwards.

The root of a tooth is the foundation and life blood for the tooth, much like an auction chair is to the entire process of an auction event for a nonprofit.

A bad tooth can cause a lot pain.  It keeps you distracted and frustrates you because it hurts.  I’ve seen nonprofits that have auction chairs who do not engage as leaders.  This in turn causes the volunteers to become very frustrated when things do not happen as planned and the event suffers as a result.

A strong auction chair who leads all aspects of the project is crucial for a successful auction.  The auction chair is the root of the event, keeping everyone motivated. As your key player, this person should be well organized with the ability to multitask and delegate when appropriate.  They should establish deadlines and follow up to make certain those deadlines are being met.

(We’d be happy to send you a free auction planning timeline to help you and your group stay on task- click here to request via email).

The auction chair should also hold meetings as necessary to keep everyone focused on the overall goal – creating your nonprofit’s best-ever fundraising event.

Take the pain out of your next fundraising auction event by appointing the right individual as your auction chair.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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