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July 31, 2015 Keeping it Simple

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We routinely conduct meetings and conference calls with nonprofit auction committees during the planning process of their auctions.  This time is spent providing consultation to our clients on the important fundraising aspects of their event.  This usually encompasses discussion on the live auction, the timeline, the Fund-A-Need and additional revenue generators.

Our experience is that when these meetings and calls are limited to a small, concentrated group of key auction players, the time spent with them is considerably more productive than when the entire auction committee participates. Because of these dynamics we recommend that the auction chair, the co-chair and a staff member be the group designated to meet with your Professional Fundraising Auctioneer.  This assures the meeting agenda is focused on the areas that need to be covered by these particular participants. Otherwise it’s common for a meeting attended by all of your various subcommittee members to turn into an overall committee meeting with a huge amount of territory to cover which includes decorations, catering, entertainment, silent auction, etc.

Make sure you select the proper people to meet with your auction professional in order to get the maximum amount of consulting. Keeping the list of attendees simple when it comes to scheduling these meetings can help you obtain the greatest impact on the planning of your fundraising event.

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