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September 25, 2015 Be Prepared for ANYTHING at your Fundraising Events!

How do you handle medical emergencies during an important fundraising event?  That was the dilemma faced by myself and my nonprofit clients on Saturday night.  We had just watched an emotionally charged video about their mission and were leading into the live auction when a few of us noticed a woman totally limp in her chair and some guests lifting her to lay her on the floor next to her chair.  The CEO of the nonprofit was about to introduce me to conduct the live auction.  As the events manager assessed the medical situation, we quickly learned that doctors were already assisting the guest who was in distress.  At the event director’s prompt, the CEO invited the guests to visit at their tables.  Music was queued and the guests who were not aware of the situation visited while the doctors continued to care for the woman. She was soon sitting up and eventually returned to her chair; I understand that the general consensus was that she had simply fainted. Once things settled down, I approached the stage and conducted the live auction. We were very fortunate that our medical situation was a simple one.

What do you do when you have a more serious situation? Fundraising Auction Professional Greg Quiroga shares his story of a situation that didn’t turn out as well and how it was handled.

Make sure you have someone in attendance at your fundraising events who knows CPR.

Your key personnel need to know who this person is so they can be called upon at any given time should the need arise. Above all, keep calm. That will help you assess and adjust the program as necessary.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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