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October 2, 2015 Like Variety? You DO Have Fundraising Options!

Fundraising options

Are there other ways to facilitate a fundraising event without a live auction component?  That may sound weird to you coming from an “auctioneer”.  As Professional Fundraising Auctioneers, we need to look at all fundraising options to help determine what works best for our nonprofit clients and their guests.

Let’s take a look at some of the fundraising options.

Silent Auctions – Silent auctions are a great way to engage guests who want to support the nonprofit’s mission but may have a limited budget.  Winning bidders will tell everyone where they got the item, which in turn creates mission awareness.

Raffles – These are a great way to engage guests who enjoy “taking a chance”.  While raffle items can be similar in values to silent auction items, they can also include more expensive items.  Often we see our clients conduct $100 raffles for trips.  These trips can be found from consignment companies like Mitch Stuart and Sojourn Ventures, among others.  Better still; create a great travel package based around a donor’s vacation home or condo at no cost to your organization.  Then seek out donations for restaurants, rental cars, experiences and airline miles/credit card points to package with the stay. If you need to purchase items to build the package, request that a donor underwrite these items.  One word of caution, though – be sure to check your state gambling laws before implementing any raffles.

Fund a Need – This is a strong tool and the easiest among the bunch. Simply ASK for donations to benefit one of your nonprofit’s needs. Guests attend fundraising events knowing they are going to spend money somewhere.  During a Fund a Need, various levels of donations are requested. Nonprofits can raise THOUSANDS of dollars when this activity is set up correctly. The key is to present an emotional and personal story detailing why your mission is important.  A trained professional fundraising auctioneer can help you prepare for this ask so that you generate as much revenue as possible during this activity.

You must ensure the fundraising activities that you offer your guests fit their mindset and pocketbooks.  I’ve seen plenty of events that included a live auction where only the board members were bidding on the items because no one else in the crowd was interested or had the financial wherewithal to bid. Be sure your event’s activities fit the majority of your guests’ profiles.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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