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October 9, 2015 Forget-Me-Not!

I was talking with a buyer at a recent auction who has attended two of my clients’ auctions this year. He and his wife spent over $1,000 at each one. They have no personal ties to either of the nonprofits whose auctions they attended. They simply attended because someone asked them (this is your first take away).

This couple was sharing with me an experience whereby they participated in a sponsorship for an event. They were disappointed that they didn’t hear anything from the nonprofit after their support. They told me that “Once they got my money, I never heard from them.” When it came time to sponsor this same event the next year, they chose not to participate. I’m betting you can guess why. Because they never received a thank you call or note, nor did they receive any updates about how their donation helped the nonprofit’s mission. They only time they heard from the nonprofit was when they wanted money again for their event. How often does this happen? Far more often than it should, I’m sure.

How do your sponsors/donors feel about your communications with them?

I’ve written several blogs on donor appreciation but feel this recent conversation warrants revisiting the subject. Your financial investors, at whatever level they may be, give to your nonprofit for a reason – because they care about what you are doing. You, in turn, should care about them and give them the needed response/update/appreciation they desire and deserve. This type of attention will ramp your donor retention rates up a great deal.

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