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October 16, 2015 It Really IS An Honor Just To Be Nominated!

C King Benefit Auctions was recently nominated as one of the Minority/Women Owned Small Businesses of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce in our home town.  WOW! What an honor just to be among the other wonderful nominees.

While we didn’t win this year, my dear friend Dr. Teresa Drummond-Rieger did. Teresa is DVM with Rainbow City Pet Clinic. Congratulations to Dr. T!

Because Teresa and I are such good  friends we talked during the voting period about how we didn’t like “competing” against each other.

As nonprofits you may feel you are “competing” with each other for donor money and support.  In a sense you are. But it is important that you support each other, attend each other’s events and build relationships among yourselves.  You never know when you may need each other.  And by doing this, not only are you supporting your fellow nonprofits but you are also demonstrating this support to the public. That’s a very good thing!

Another plus of developing and keeping relationships with other nonprofits is that you’ll obtain knowledge about their fundraising events that you might want to apply to your events.

A little competition is healthy. Just don’t let it be a barrier to your opportunities to network with the people in the trenches doing the same work you are doing. There is a lot you can learn from each other.

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