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November 13, 2015 Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


Have you produced the same structured fundraising event for multiple years and are ready to make some changes? Galas can become stale over the years. Nonprofits want and need to switch things up a bit to keep their event fresh.  While I think this is a great idea I want to caution you not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Although we agree that events need a bit of mixing-up from time to time, don’t go too wild when making changes. If you alter too many things at the event you run the risk of not knowing what worked and what did not. Above all, you want to take care not to let your bottom line take a hit.

We’ve gained clients and lost clients because they decided it was time to shake things up and hire a different “new” auctioneer for their event. Many benefit auction companies have multiple auctioneers on staff which allows the opportunity for you to have a different auctioneer while keeping the knowledge of your event history (and relationship) with the same source. We as Professional Fundraising Auctioneers have a huge network of colleagues that can be made available to you.  We often refer nonprofits to those colleagues and our current clients to other auctioneers when the need arises. Don’t be afraid to let your professional auctioneer know you want to make a change. They have the resources to help you do so and can even make the transition a smoother one.

One of our clients wanted to make a change for their upcoming event but when asked was vague about what form that adjustment would be. I later received word from someone other than the client that they had hired another auctioneer. I contacted their new auctioneer immediately, wished them luck and offered any historical support that I could to help them do a great job for the client. Once we’ve built a relationship with a client our ultimate goal is that what is best for them is what happens for them.

There are thousands of galas and auctions that keep professional auctioneers busy during fundraising season. While we never like to lose a client, professional auctioneers work closely together and are always happy to be a resource in helping you make the alterations to your event that need to be made, even if that change includes the auctioneer.

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