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November 27, 2015 Get Out Your Helmet and Shoulder Pads – It’s Black Friday!

black friday

Many people have been waiting all year for today, Black Friday, to roll around again. Yes, there are many wonderful bargains to be had – IF you are willing to work for it and fight the crowds.

Today also marks something else, 35 days left in the year 2015.

This can be an important date for nonprofits. Why? Because corporations might be itching to make donations to nonprofits prior to the end of the year for tax purposes. Corporations often have allocations for donations and sponsorships in their budgets that may not have yet been spent. My advice is for your nonprofit to make contact and ask if they’d like to make a donation or support you with a sponsorship now or if they prefer you circle back to them after the New Year. Who knows – you may just be helping them help you!

And don’t forget to call on your individual supporters as well. They might also have tax season on their minds and welcome the chance to donate prior to the end of the year.

Happy shopping! (and keep an icepack handy in case you get a Black Eye while bargain-hunting on Black Friday!)

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