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December 11, 2015 Is Mobile Bidding The Answer For Your Fundraising Auction Event?

mobile bidding

If you aren’t already aware, mobile bidding is invading nonprofit fundraising events, allowing guests to bid during the silent auction with an electronic device or cell phone. There are several companies who offer this service so you’ll want to do your homework to find the one that is the best fit for your nonprofit based on the options offered.

Some companies supply devices during your event that your guests use to facilitate their bids, while others have the guests use their own mobile devices. Neither of these is better than the other, just different.

Many mobile bidding companies can provide staff for your event in the form of “bidding buddies” or you may choose to have your own volunteers in place to help the guests who need it. These people will have devices available to assist those who don’t have a smart phone or don’t understand the mobile bidding process or have a low battery on the device they do have.

You’ll want to keep the demographics of your attendees in mind when considering whether or not to implement mobile bidding. If the majority of your guests are an older, less tech-savvy crowd, this may not be the year to make the swap to mobile bidding. That being said, at some point you will need to “rip off the band aid” as younger donors become your main supporters. These guests will expect mobile bidding just as they expect to conduct all other aspects of their lives electronically.

There are more than a dozen companies out there who offer mobile bidding services. Gesture, Maestrosoft, and ClickBid are all partners of the Benefit Auction Institute. GiveSmart and Greater Giving are other companies we and our clients have worked with.

Mobile bidding is here to stay.

This this technology has the ability to enhance your fundraising auction revenue. Do your homework and determine if your event is ready to take the plunge.

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