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February 19, 2016 Communication is Key

In today’s world of technology, there are a lot of ways people communicate. Have you ever noticed how people communicate with you?  I recently had a nonprofit client who ONLY communicated via phone.  She didn’t have an email address or the ability to text from a device. She sent all information to me via snail mail. While this was very frustrating for me, the experience caused me to sit back and evaluate how I communicate.

A good rule to put in place would be to ask a new client for their preferred method of communication.

Some like email and the thread of communication it provides while others prefer to text message. I also receive a fair amount of communication via Facebook message. And sometimes there’s that snail mail.

My nonprofit clients are constantly in communication with a broad range of people including board members, staff, volunteers and those very important donors. I encourage them to analyze the way they are currently communicating with those people and suggest they determine if there might be a more optimum way to get a better response simply by asking how those people would like to be contacted. You may just find you’ll get improved participation simply by swapping methods.

Don’t try to change how people communicate but instead ADAPT to the way they prefer to communicate with you.

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