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April 1, 2016 Missing the Obvious?

On Easter morning my husband Mike and I went to Sunrise service.  As we were leaving, I was very distracted with all the things I needed to do in preparation for his family coming to our house for Easter dinner. I hurriedly jumped in my car and immediately noticed that I hadn’t locked the door, which I thought I had done. At this point I panicked because “OH NO, I left my purse in the car!”.  As I looked in the back seat to see if the purse was still in the floor board, I noticed that Mike was saying something to me but I couldn’t hear him because I’m too busy thinking again “OH NO, my purse isn’t back there!” and “Where is my coffee that I left in my cup holder?”  Then I hear Mike say, “That’s not your car”… I had gotten into someone else’s car that looked exactly like MINE!  I looked around to see if anyone saw me and quickly jumped out of the car that didn’t belong to me.  In my state of distraction, while thinking about everything I had to do for the dinner, I missed one “small” detail.

As a nonprofit preparing for an upcoming event, are you possibly missing some “small” details that might make your life easier on event night?

How about the required supplies? I suggest you create a check list of things that you and your various volunteers will need event night.  This can include all auction night forms, writing pens, petty cash, comfortable shoes, extension cords, duct tape, super glue, etc., etc. Performing this simple task can ensure you haven’t forgotten about anything that you and your group will need when the doors open to your event.

Oh, and make sure you load it into your own car.

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