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May 6, 2016 Who Is Your Go-To Person When You Find Yourself in a Jam?

Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend who was traveling through Nashville on his way to Florida. He asked me which city I suggest he travel through during 5:00PM rush hour, Atlanta or Birmingham. My reply was Birmingham, hands down. I don’t know how you folks who live in Atlanta do that commute over there.

As a nonprofit, who are you calling when you need advice about your event? Do you have someone from whom you can inquire if there is an easier way to do things? What ideas are the various auction committees bringing to you that you’d like to bounce off another person?

Someone with fundraising experience such as a committee member or staff member can assist with these questions to an extent. Their experience can go a long way in the planning of an event.

But if you think about it, why would you not bring someone to your team who specializes in events and fundraising? As a nonprofit staff member, your strength may be in donor development or in raising funds for the capital campaign. But you may not have the expertise to fine-tune the details that result in a truly professional event.

Help is available though!

Event planners can help overall with your nonprofit event to ensure your “show” is classy, while handling all of the details for you. These planners can help you with publicity, signage and invitations. They can coordinate with the caterer, draft scripts for the speakers and all of the details of the event so that you don’t have to. This frees up your time for more important tasks like making sure those top donors are personally contacted to invite them to the event.

Another person who can guide you through the fundraising process is a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer. Choose one who holds the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association. These professionals have had special training in fundraising and will provide guidance for your live and silent auction, revenue producing games and/or raffles and a Special Appeal (Fund-A-Need, Paddle Raise, etc.). Trust these experts to do what they are trained to do, help you raise the maximum amount of revenue at your fundraising event.

Many times the Event Planner and Professional Auctioneer work together. Each has strengths they bring to the table that can help make your event the best that it can be.

Don’t allow “rush hour” traffic to railroad your event. Have knowledgeable professionals on board who can guide you and make your event “commute” a much more pleasant experience.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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