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June 3, 2016 Not What I Expected

I had been on the search for some white leggings that had a jeans look to them.  I finally found some while I was literally running through Belk Department store last week.  I was SO excited.  After grabbing them up and checking out I immediately went home and hung them up. Several days passed before I pulled the pants out to wear.  I did a double-take when I saw several frayed holes in the pants.  I immediately thought “Did Mellie (my pup) get hold of these and chew those holes?”. Then “Did I wash these and did they get torn up there?”. WHAT???  Now I spot the price tag still attached to the pants and realize they came that way on purpose! Yeah, NO. Those are not the style of pants for me.

How many volunteers on an auction committee get into the work and ask themselves, “WHAT???  I had NO IDEA this is what I had to do!” or worse yet, “I have no idea what I am SUPPOSED to do!”.  I’ve seen time and time again when new volunteers are recruited and total confusion reigns regarding their tasks at hand.

I encourage you to create a procedural process for each auction committee.  Include the details of what they are expected to do, how are they supposed to do it and the time frame for completion.  At minimum have job descriptions for each committee which includes the skillset required, how many committee members it takes to accomplish the committee’s goals and the supplies needed for this accomplishment.

Oh, and I am happy to tell you that I am a proud new owner of white hole-less jean-type leggings!

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