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June 17, 2016 Broken but Beautiful

I enjoyed last week working and playing while at the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

In between the Alabama Auctioneers Convention on Sunday and Monday and a benefit auction in Mobile on Thursday, my sister Ceil and I were able to spend some much needed time walking the beach together. Early one morning we were gathering sand dollars and seashells for my shell collection from those that had washed up from the Gulf waters. I reached down to pick up a shell and because it was broken I discarded it. After watching my actions Ceil made a comment to me that has echoed in my head daily since.  She said, “Each of us are broken in some way but God loves us and sees the beauty in each of us, in spite of our brokenness”.  WOW!  How profound!

Each nonprofit has their own set of problems. They might be organizational in nature. Or maybe there is a lack of volunteers or a deficiency of financial resources. Those only name a few problems that might beset a nonprofit, making them broken in some way. But each of those same nonprofits also have amazing missions that help those they serve who are also broken in some way.  We are all broken but there is beauty in what every one of us does. Celebrate that beauty and don’t let life’s challenges get you down.

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