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August 5, 2016 Donor Recognition

What is your most valuable asset as a nonprofit?  It is your staff?  Your volunteers? Your Board?  While all of these are important assets, they are not the one most valuable to your organization.  Your supporters are your most valuable asset!

So let me ask, what are you doing to protect your most valuable asset?

How are you showing your appreciation to your supporters?

One thing I coach my clients on is to keep their supporters “in the know”.  This means keeping them abreast of upcoming events, ground breaking news and special needs as they arise.  By keeping these supporters updated with the goings-on of your organization, you keep them engaged.

I suggest you, or other staff/volunteers with your nonprofit, reach out to your top supporters personally.  Depending on the relationship, this could also be a board member. Ask what the supporters would be interested in bidding on in your upcoming live or silent auction, then make every effort to procure those items. Also ask these supporters to invite THEIR friends to your event.  This is a GREAT way to share your mission with like-minded supporters.

Recognize them for their giving.  I donate to the National Auctioneers Foundation often and I love to hear when I’ve reached another milestone in my giving.  I recommend establishing levels of giving that, once a supporter reaches those particular levels, they are recognized in some way. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant, just a small token to acknowledge what they’ve done for your organization.  I receive a different colored gavel lapel pen for each level that I reach with the NAF.

Without our supporters, it doesn’t matter how good our staff, building, board or policies and procedures are.  Supporters are the fuel in the gas tank. You have to have them to make it work!

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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