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September 2, 2016 The Higher the Shoes, the More They Spend

During our consulting with nonprofits we are often asked what type event we believe is most profitable. Mind you, when they ask this question they are not always necessarily interested in which fundraising aspects should be included at their event so much as the type of attire to be worn by the guests. Don’t laugh, this is actually a very good question.

During the many years C King Benefits has spent observing our clients’ events we have noticed that the dressier the guests are the more they tend to spend.  Think about this for a minute.  If you have a sales call to make, or another important something to do, when you dress accordingly and present yourself professionally you automatically have much more confidence.

A fundraising event is no different.  When guests dress up they feel good about themselves. They also spend more money supporting your cause.

You might consider hosting a more upscale event the next time you begin planning for your future fundraisers. And remember, the higher the ladies’ shoes are, the more those fancy-dressed folks will spend.

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