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October 14, 2016 Are Your Social Media Shares Suitable for All Audiences?

Are you posting on social media in an effort to get your nonprofit in front of more folks who can help with your mission? Good for you! But you’ve got to be careful out there…

Don’t get in too much of a hurry when scrolling down posts or tweets with a plan to share or retweet. Always click on the content, especially any links embedded within the post, for the purpose of reviewing them to make sure the content is “G-rated” and relevant to your goals. Blindly sharing a post or retweeting a link with dicey content that you didn’t know was in there can project your nonprofit in a negative light for those who follow you. Always remember that you are what you share, regardless if it is on your personal page or your nonprofits page.

Use social media and use it often – it’s a great tool for gathering new donors and volunteers. Just be discriminating about what you share.

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