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October 21, 2016 I Like Having a “Plan B” (and Plan C and Plan D)

I am the type of person who wants to be prepared with various options in any situation.  I like to have several back-up plans for different ways things can be accomplished in case the first option doesn’t work out to be the best one.  In fact, I drive lots of the people in my orbit crazy while I process the various options available to me in any situation.  I admit it, I am a self-proclaimed over-preparer.  But I’ve found that my over-preparations are not without merit.

I’ve been exposed to the world of aviation my entire life.  My grandfather and father both owned airplanes, as did several of my uncles.  In the mid 1990’s I requested that our company pilot teach me how to fly. This desire wasn’t necessarily produced from the love of aviation but rather from a safety standpoint (the need to be prepared). Once trained, I usually flew “right seat” (the co-pilot seat) in case our pilot, or any pilot I flew with, for that matter, had a medical emergency. Were that to happen, sitting right seat would allow me to get the plane safely back on the ground.

How do you prepare for events?  Do you make a plan and stick to it, regardless of the obstacles that might arise? Or do you have options that you can fall back on when you need to punt?  I encourage you to consider thinking about alternate possibilities when planning a fundraising event. It can make life much easier for you. Things can and will happen.

I did learn to fly our Cherokee 6 airplane. I flew several required cross-country flights while working toward my license.  My father told me I could land the plane better than he could, a compliment that is very dear to my heart. However, much to my father’s dismay I never quite got around to getting my pilot’s license. Instead I married our company pilot.

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