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October 28, 2016 Fundraising Fun for All Ages

We recently conducted a venue site visit with a client whose fundraising event not only includes but encourages the attendance of the guests’ children. This group has approximately 1,000 guests attend, many of them youngsters. Their event includes a children’s activity area with bouncy houses, games, clowns, kid-friendly food and the like.

Encouraging guests to bring children with them when they attend a fundraiser does several things.

First, it eliminates the concern of having to find a babysitter for your child so that you can attend.

Secondly, children who are exposed to this type of event learn about the importance of fundraising.

Thirdly, and my favorite, is that bringing a child to a fundraising event teaches them at an early age about that particular nonprofit’s mission.

While at the venue site visit, I counseled the client to include revenue generating activities close to the children’s area as well as recommended locating one of their silent auction sections (with kid or family-centric packages) nearby that section of space.

While not all fundraising events are suitable for children, when you can produce this type of event that incorporates kids you can impact your nonprofit for years to come.

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