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November 4, 2016 Music is Good for the Soul (and maybe for your live auction items, too)

Most of us have attended fundraising auctions where the live auction items are described, usually by an emcee/co-host, and the professional fundraising auctioneer sells the items.

If you want to incorporate some additional entertainment into your live auction you might consider the addition of music or video.

You can play a snippet of theme-related song before each of your live auction items are introduced and sold.  I suggest you limit the music to a 10 to 15 second piece immediately followed by the description of the item.  Some nonprofits also include music immediately after the auctioneer sells the item, much like how the band plays at the Grammy Awards and such.

A video for each of the live auction items can also be played. Again, this is in conjunction with the description of the item. You’ll want to keep this short, though.

I’ve also seen instances where a video is played without sound while the item is being described by the co-host. One group facilitated this by showing the video for 10 seconds before each item was described then continued the video for an additional 25 seconds while the co-host was describing the item, ending with a still slide in place while the item was being auctioned.

I encourage you to do this only if you have a professional audio/visual company working and present at your event.  If you don’t have these professional services in place this well-intended addition can be a train wreck waiting to happen.

Keep your event fresh by adding music or videos to your live auction lineup.

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