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November 18, 2016 Don’t Forget the Importance of those Live Auction Item Displays

We recently worked with a nonprofit client who had never before incorporated any type of display for their live auction items.  In consulting with them, we helped them understand how having an area for the guests to preview the live auction items helps create optimum interest in those items.  They took our advice, created signs for each item and we strategically stationed our Auctioneer Assistants by those displays where they were able to interact with the guests about the live auction items.  This accomplished two things; it allowed the guests to get all the answers to any questions they may have had about the items and it helped my team identify interested parties for specific live auction items.

Putting the displays together can be done in-house or by a professional. This nonprofit group sent graphics to a local printer who created large signs on Coroplast material that were very lightweight, attractive and eye-catching.

We encourage you to consider utilizing signs to promote your live auction items.  The effort and/or cost you put forth will very likely pay off in higher bids during your live auction.

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