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February 17, 2017 Don’t Put Your Fundraising Auctioneer’s Light Under a Bushel

What services is your fundraising auctioneer providing during your gala?  Are they simply auctioning the live auction items?  A professional fundraising auctioneer is ready and willing to work for you in many ways during your fundraising event.

One aspect your auctioneer can assist with is the promotion of your silent auction.  They can make announcements to draw attention to the silent auction section(s) and encourage bidding from your guests.  When mobile bidding is utilized, the auctioneer can explain the bidding process and direct guests to the volunteers or staff who can assist them with their bids, should they need assistance.  Your professional fundraising auctioneer can also serve as another outlet to make your guests feel welcomed and to promote raffles or games during your event.

I recommended in an earlier blog that you create large signs for your live auction items with details that can easily be read.  Your professional auctioneer and their staff can then be stationed with the live auction items to inform guests of the great items they’ll be seeing when the live auction portion of the program begins. This helps the auctioneer build rapport with the guests, too. What does this accomplish for your nonprofit?  It results in more bidding and higher dollar amounts raised.

Don’t waste the talents of your fundraising auctioneer. Let them get in the thick of things event night to help you raise more funds to support your mission!

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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