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March 31, 2017 Help Your Donors Inspire Other Donors

Do you have one or two donors at your charity auction who spend a LOT of money?  More so than anyone else in the room?  I had this situation at a recent event. The guest in question was very public about his giving.  He bought several items in the live auction and was very philanthropic during the giving in the Fund-A-Need as well.

He and I talked after the event and he shared with me how much he loves this particular charity.   He pointed out the fact that there were others in the room who could have also given “big money” and how it frustrated him that they did not.

This particular donor could be invaluable to this nonprofit if they will utilize his desire to inspire others to be as giving.

I encourage you to seek out the supporters of your nonprofit who have this same kind of passion about your organization and work with them to determine how they can best be used to encourage others to help fund your mission.

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