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April 21, 2017 Change Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Charity live auction item ideas

As professional fundraising auctioneers, we build long lasting relationships with the charities with whom we work.  We teach them about the best fundraising practices and bring fresh ideas to keep their event fun and profitable year after year.  We also become vested in their causes. How could you not when you are working closely with them on the missions they are so passionate about? It rubs off, believe me!

As new nonprofit auction committee members come on board they many want to make a change of auctioneer, thinking they “need a fresh face and a different energy”.  This can become a challenge for nonprofit staff when they are happy with the company they’ve worked with for years but still want to mix their event up a bit.

We totally understand these concerns and AGREE! Because each auctioneer has their own style and entertainment factor when conducting an auction, sometimes events can become stagnant with the same “performance” year after year.

We have a team of Auctioneer Associates we can rotate to keep that face fresh and provide new energy for your fundraising event while keeping the constant that is our C King Benefit Auctions consulting.

Let us know if we can bring a new face to your event.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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