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April 28, 2017 A Pull with a Twist

In the fundraising event world, most of us have seen the “Wine Pull” or “Wall of Wine”.  This revenue-generating activity is conducted during the cocktail hour and while the silent auction is happening.

I was recently at a charity event where they had a “Scotch Wall”.  Guests paid $50.00 to win one of many available scotches. From a fish bowl participants drew a numbered marble cube which corresponded to a number on a bottle of scotch.

I’ve seen a twist to this game whereby guests who choose to do so can pay double to select the particular bottle they want instead of drawing from the fish bowl.  If you go this route, make sure you take out the cube which corresponds to the bottle that is selected.

This is a great way to raise additional money and provides a lot of fun for the guests.  Be sure, though, to be aware of your state’s gambling and alcohol laws when planning this type of activity.

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